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Hello again, people!
I had a blast in China, from climbing the Great Wall to seeing Pandas in Chengdu. Needless to say, I'm buzzing with new ideas and things. Now that I am officially out of my first year of 6th form, I am just gonna be drawing all summer. I have few commissions to finish but after that, I am hoping to start on The Rewind Chronicles. After China, I've tweaked some of the new ideas to flow even better after some inspiration. The prologue should launch by the end of this week, and I have a world map in the works as well.

The main story takes place all in the present now, but akin to the "Rewind" part of the title, there'll be some looking back into the past as well in order to get some answers and retrieve the 12 Aeon Stars, powerful object MacGuffins that Mario needs to collect.  Mario who must collect together the Aeon Stars retrieve the 12 Aeon Stars, which These were made by the Tribe of Time to seal their power as they went to rest for eternity in the T-Dimension after their work was finished in weaving the fabric of time. Should their services ever need to be used again, the Aeon Stars must be collected in order to awaken them, which were scattered throughout the lands. The fabric of time has been ripped by a rogue member of the tribe, Cron which kickstarts the events of the plot as the past starts to collide into the present.

If anyone's interested; short preview of the first 7 Chapters;
Prologue - Mario is invited alongside Princess Peach and Luigi to visit Astral City, the capital city in the Astral Kingdom, west of the Mushroom Kingdom. The visit is going well until a rip in the sky appears, which the local chronologist Professor Koopenstein identifies as a rip in the space-time continuum. If it persists, it will engulf the world, effectively making the past collide with the present and ripping apart the fabric of time and effectively resetting it. He is given the Tome of Time, which documents the Tribe of Time and provides hints on where Mario can find the Aeon Stars in order to awaken the sleeping tribe.

Chapter 1 - Mario sets off to the Kooprenia Kingdom, a walled-in Kingdom to the southwest with a lot of history in its borders, including the very spot where the treaty was signed in which the Mushroom Kingdom gained its independence from the Koopa Empire. Now reduced to a small land area, the monarchy still rules in peace. All hell breaks loose when the castle and the town are mysteriously turned into stone. Here he meets Katrina Koopa, the princess, who joins Mario to save her father.

Chapter 2 - Next, Mario goes to Bomankh, a sky-high futuristic metropolis in the middle of a vast desert. While the skyline continuously rises, the city upholds its great history. It is the host for the Mushlympics for this year and a lot of eyes are scrutinizing the city. Athletes are starting to go missing and there's a lot of talk about corruption in the city's government, so Mario investigates. The mayor of the city, Tutankaboom joins Mario in his investigations to make sure everything turns out alright.

Chapter 3 - The tome sends Mario to Shyville, a quiet mining community. Virtually unchanged since its creation, walking through this town is like looking into the past, so it's a very popular tourist destination. There's a big crime rate in this city and when 24 cartloads of precious metal are stolen, Mario has to find the culprit while even stranger crimes are being committed by the second. Falsely framed for a catastrophic bridge collapse accident, the local heist master, Bandart joins Mario to clear his name.

Chapter 4 - Afterwards, Mario is led to Crescent Shades. Mario hears that the next Aeon Star is located inside the town's theatre, but is instead hired for a play and must work as an actor to earn it. Meanwhile, even though the town is well known for its strange phenomena, these become even more common and even more dangerous as Mario starts to uncover some dark secrets about the theatre. He meets the journalist, Étienne here who is interested in uncovering these strange mysteries in the town and the theatre.

Chapter 5 - After a long hike, Mario arrives in the Tianye Mountains. Here, Mario helps Lan, granddaughter of the city's wise master, Pi to head up a mountain to save her love, Shan who has not returned after his trials to gain knowledge from Skytail, a revered dragon in the peaks of the mountain range. Meanwhile, their mission is further complicated when the Tianye City becomes under attack from a tribe from the east.

Chapter 6 - Set in the Somber Snowfields, Mario is caught in a feud-turning into war between the Ledusi and Heliogon tribes who have been fighting over land. The leader of the Heliogons, Emperor Ruppt attacks after negotiations about land failed - his people need land, in which their habitat is underneath Mt Blanket which is a dormant volcano. But, the ledusi claim Mt Blanket as their land, which sparks the fighting. Here, Mario meets Sergeant Sniegs who joins with Mario in stopping the war.

Chapter 7 - Once Mario arrives in the Piranhipine Islands, Mario undertakes a scuba-diving down a large marine sinkhole to find the wreckage of a ship which sank with one of the Aeon Stars in its cargo after a typhoon ravages the islands. Deep underwater, Mario has to brave the trenches and underwater caverns and save some of the missing villagers as well who were washed into sea after the typhoon.

I hope to finish the first 6 chapters by December ^^
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I made a sprite of the paperteer in bis style with his own enemy name box!
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Hey, I just saw your latest commission (nicely done btw), but it just reminded me about a commission I made almost like... a year ago I think? :P Haha, I understand you've been very busy, but with your latest revival, I feel now was a good time to ask about that? Hopefully you remember what I'm talking about? ^^;
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ToyoBunBun Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I love your artwork so music and your music :D
It's so awesome!!! Too bad that this isn't a game 
Wish it would be D: You deserve more favs.!
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Your art and music things are absolutely fantastic! I'll have to look into your stories too! I feel a bit sad that you're no longer passionate about your paper mario project, but you've done a wonderful job and should feel proud! <3 Keep up the wonderful work!
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Leðurblökumaðurinn op
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I'm sorry, but, what do you use to mke your art
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I really like your work. Especailly the Paper Mario prjoject

One question tho, is there a design of Kroganera (the final boss) yetbecause I remember hearing that name somehwhere before
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hazard100 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello? Can you do commissions?
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